College Alumnus Mr. Peter Lam
The Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others

Peter aspires to help patients through clinical research.

“For me, happiness comes from helping others. The more people I could help, the happier I am,” said S.H. Ho alumnus Mr. Peter Lam Wai Ching. Peter considers that there are dozens of ways to give a helping hand. He studied in the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine Programme at the University in order to provide medical care to patients. He also participated in the College’s overseas social service trips and went to Uganda, Cambodia and Sichuan trying his best to improve the living environment of the local people in need. When he lived at the College during his undergraduate years, he was the organiser of different College activities responsible for the orientation camp and sports events.

Today he returned to his alma mater planning to record a short video clip with his friend, Miss Chan Ying who is an S.H. Ho alumna. They have been launching an online video programme entitled WeMED* once every two weeks. It is a fun and lively channel to arouse the awareness on health issues which the public is concerned about, for example, dementia, lumbago, acupuncture and measles. Peter is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner while Ying has obtained the Bachelor of Science in Public Health Programme at CUHK and is now studying in the PhD programme. They are determined to promote a healthy lifestyle with their professional knowledge. Each episode of WeMED lasts for three to six minutes. Peter and Ying take care of every single step in producing the video clips, from idea development, shooting, researching and hosting to post production, sound mixing and special effects. “We find that not many video programmes are about the promotion of health messages, so we suddenly came up with an idea: why not giving it a go by ourselves?”, added Peter.

Peter is characteristic of being innovative and breaking down the conventions. He is an explorer leading a colourful life. Being admitted to CUHK in 2010, he was in the first cohort of S.H. Ho students. After graduation, he studied in the Master of Chinese Medicine Programme at Hong Kong Baptist University and has been engaged in clinical research. When he was a Master student, he also worked as a research assistant at the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages of CUHK focusing on the study of children’s acquisition of Shanghai dialect. As for his College life, he was active in diversified fields. He participated in the College’s documentary team and the Young Entrepreneur Programme. The latter gave him a chance to start his own business with his S.H. Ho peers who share the same vision. They ran a shop called “Hong Kong Produce” at Chan Chun Ha Hall. It is a consignment store to sell the handmade products of the local brands which offers the consumers more choices apart from the mainstream brands.

“I like to do a few things at one time. If I just focus on one task but it does not go well in the end, all my efforts will be wasted. However, generally speaking, if I am committed to six to seven or even ten projects and half of them work, the result is not bad.” Peter cherishes every moment in life because he knows it will not come back. He moves himself forward at work with a mission. “When I was a student, I was supported by other people. They would pick up what I had left off or had not done. But now I have studied a lot and become more professional, I started to discover that nobody will take over what I have not chosen to do.” It is this sense of responsibility that encourages Peter to care about what he does and make a good job of it for those in need.

While waiting for his friend for taking the video clip, Peter met with College workman Kong Gor and he enthusiastically waved his hand to say hello. “Whenever I am back to CUHK, I will think of the College, a community filled with fond memories. It is like going back home.” Peter appreciates the interactive and closely-knit community at the College. Every single person is indispensable. Together they form a big family.

“In my first undergraduate year, S.H. Ho College was just established. The system of full residence and communal dining was unprecedented. I thought it ground-breaking and applied to be admitted to the College without any hesitation.” Peter missed his College life. All the students live in the same place. They meet one another frequently because of communal dining and other College activities thus building up a strong bonding. Peter and his S.H. Ho peers still keep in touch long after graduation. “Every year, we have meals with our classmates of the same cohort and also with the junior classmates. We visit one another. Some of us have got married and some are expecting the birth of a new family member.”

Ready for challenges and breakthroughs, Peter is going to step into a new phrase in life. He will travel to USA in pursuit of a master degree in public health, a two-year programme at Harvest University. Besides, he has successfully applied for a local teaching assistant position. He plans to work and study at the same time. When asked about how he felt about attending a world-renowned institution, Peter described, “I am happy. I hope to enrich my knowledge to contribute to the public in the future.” Whatever he undertakes, this young man often bears in mind what he can do for the greater good of others.

*Remark: For more information about WeMED, please click here.

Peter (right) attends a RTHK TV programme which promotes health messages.

Led by Prof. Joseph Sung, then Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, Peter and other S.H. Ho students travel to Uganda to build a student dormitory.

In the social service trip to Cambodia, Peter visits the children living in slums.

As a key member in the College’s documentary team, Peter is good at directing, shooting and video editing.