Bidding Farewell to Prof. Samuel Sun and Mrs. Piera Sun

Prof. and Mrs. Sun with the guests.

Prof. Samuel Sun, Founding Master of S.H. Ho College, retired from the mastership from 1 August 2018. In appreciation of the contributions of Prof. and Mrs. Sun to have successfully shaped the College as it is now, the College held a farewell dinner in honour of them at Ho Sin Hang Hall on 15 May. About 400 University officers and staff members, students, alumni and friends of the College attended the event, among whom were Dr. Tzu-leung Ho, Chairman of the Committee of Overseers of S.H. Ho College and Mr. Hamilton Ho, Mr. Norman Ho and Mr. Thomas Liang, members of the Committee of Overseers of the College; Prof. Rocky Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and Prof. Ambrose King, Prof. Lawrence Lau and Prof. Joseph Sung, former Vice-Chancellors; Prof. Fok Tai-fai and Prof. Dennis Ng, Pro-Vice-Chancellors; Mr. Eric Ng, Vice-President and University Secretary; Prof. Chan Wai-yee, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Master of CW Chu College; Prof. Henry Wong, Head of New Asia College; and Prof. Sir James Mirrlees, Master of Morningside College.

Prof. Rocky Tuan delivers a speech for the farewell dinner.

Prof. Rocky Tuan and Dr. Tzu-leung Ho delivered a note of thanks to Prof. and Mrs. Sun before they, together with Prof. Fok Tai-fai, proposed a toast. After dinner was served, the concert performance began. A band, a Chinese orchestra and a string quartet, formed by students and alumni, presented melodious pieces of music to pay tribute to Prof. and Mrs. Sun.

(From left) Prof. Rocky Tuan, Dr. Tzu-leung Ho and Prof. Fok Tai-fai propose a toast.

S.H. Ho College’s farewell gift to the couple, presented by Dr. Tzu-leung Ho, is a piece of Chinese painting featuring the campus of the College, highlighting the home-like atmosphere of the College. This masterpiece is drawn by Prof. Ng Yuet-lau, President of the Ling Ngai Association and Honorary Fellow of S.H. Ho College. The farewell gift from the students is a book with fond memories of Prof. and Mrs. Sun, penned by people from the College community. Alumni’s farewell gift is a large fabric handwritten with a large “Home” in Chinese character, surrounded by 560 alumni’s English names.