Believing is Seeing: SHHO Summer Programmes

With a strong belief in whole person education, S.H. Ho College has been encouraging students to enrich themselves through exposure to new ideas and experiences in intellectual, social, athletic, cultural and recreational activities. Students are given opportunities to partake in cultural excursions, social service trips, internship programmes, sailing leadership training and short courses enrolled at renowned universities during the summer break.  Believing is seeing. We believe students with global vision and regional exposure in diverse aspects will be future leaders’ with broad horizons and social responsibility.

Cambodia Social Service Trip
The College works with a variety of charity organizations to provide opportunities for students to participate in voluntary services. In addition to experiencing an exciting campus life, the College encourages students to care about the underprivileged and to contribute to the community. This summer, students will be led to serve underprivileged people in slum villages and orphanage in Cambodia.

Cultural Excursions
S.H. Ho College organizes cultural excursions to Hawaii and mainland China this summer —’Polynesian Cultural Visit to Oahu and Hawaii Islands’ and ‘Fujian Earth Buildings Cultural Visit’. Gaining deeper understanding about the local culture and society through excursions in different cities, students will learn to appreciate cultural diversities and embrace differences in a multi-cultural society.

Summer Internship Programme
Plenty of internship opportunities are provided for students to equip themselves with practical working experience in the real world, preparing them to be competent professionals to cope with regional and globalized challenges. Participants will be offered Personality Dimensions training and workplace talk conducted by the College for better preparation to enter the vocational world. Partners of Student Internship Programme this summer include Hang Seng Bank, King Fook Jewellery Group and Jacobson Pharma Group.  Successful students will attach to different organizations between June and August 2014. Apart from the summer placements provided by the College’s partners, students may also for the internship placements themselves for more opportunities. 

Summer Study Abroad
To increase students’ language proficiency and international exposure, they are encouraged to take English immersion courses, Putonghua courses or other short academic courses at world renowned universities during summer. To support students’ participation in overseas summer institutes, the S.H. Ho College Scholarships, Awards, Financial Aids and Grants Committee offers the S.H. Ho College Exchange Scholarships (SHHO Summer Institute) for suitable students who apply for this programme. Details could be found on College website.

Sports – Sailing Leadership Training
Sports and recreation help students to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and nurture tenacity. This sailing training is to build students’ confidence, leadership, team work and mutual trust through various sailing tasks and team activities. 

Please stay tuned for updated news regarding summer programmes via mass emails and website update. Students with further enquiries may contact the Dean of Students’ Office at