A Joyous Reunion

The CUHK Alumni Homecoming Day 2015 is one of the University’s signature events. Held on 28 November 2015 on campus, over 5,000 alumni and their family members participated in the homecoming event where they recalled their fond memories and witnessed the recent development of the alma mater with their teachers, friends and families. Participants were immersed in the fun-filled carnival at the University Mall, among which was S.H. Ho College’s game booth. At night, a homecoming dinner was hosted by Master Samuel Sun at Connexion for our alumni and family members. The thirty participants tasted the temperature of fond memories in a cosy room.

The Homecoming Day came to its 10th consecutive year in 2015, the event was themed ’10 Years.Reunion’. In addition to its traditional grand carnival, campus bus tour, thematic visits and college/graduate school banquets, new features such as guided tours at the five new colleges, an alumni gathering corner, ‘CU Café’ and talks by alumni authors were added. Two students of S.H. Ho College were nominated as representatives to help visitors learn about hostel life. They were even given a tour to the exhibition organized by our young polar researchers to the Arctic. The visitors were led to the lawn afterward. Standing in front of the ‘home’ sculpture, they imagined the spectacular of students-initiated large scale events.

At night, members and alumni of S.H. Ho College gathered in a banquet at Connexion. They took pictures with funny props, filled the cosy room with laughter. When the occasion was about to begin, Prof. Samuel Sun, College Master, and Chan On Yin, Chairlady of S.H. Ho Alumni Association Committee, delivered speeches to the attendees. Master Sun said ‘homecoming’ was a fit term for the occasion as S.H. Ho College has always been home to its alumni. He introduced to them the College’s recent development, the establishment of the Alumni Association and educational programmes, and added ‘S.H. Ho College is entering its 10th year anniversary and an array of celebration events will be organized. You’re most welcome to witness the growth of the College with us.’ The banquet started. Even though they were neither having sumptuous delicacy nor refined nectar, the aroma of camaraderie and fond memories at the College were what they enjoyed.

To sustain the connection with our alumni and provide a mechanism through which the alumni may communicate with and serve the College, S.H. Ho Alumni Association Committee has just been incepted. The association will strive to promote fellowship and mutual support among the alumni and their alma mater. An inauguration ceremony of the association will be held on the Graduation Photo Day in mid-March. The College is about to organize the graduation ceremony for its 4th cohort of students, during which celebration events for its 10th year anniversary will also be held. We look forward to seeing more familiar faces and reminiscing touching moments at the College in the coming reunion in late 2016.

Prof. Samuel Sun, College Master, and Chan On Yin, Chairlady of S.H. Ho Alumni Association Committee, delivered speeches to the attendees