A Gathering of Excellent Minds

From left: Prof. KM Kwan, Miss Juanita Cheung, Master Samuel Sun, Dr. Tzu-leung Ho, Mrs. Tzu-leung Ho, alumnus Miss Ng Ho Yin and Dr. Kevin Chu

The College’s High Table Dinner-cum-Scholarship Presentation Ceremony was held on 11 November 2015, in recognition of its students’ academic excellence and outstanding performance in areas such as creativity, community services, sports and leadership activities, moral character and contributions to the College. Prof. Samuel Sun, Dr. Tzu-leung Ho and Mrs. Stella Ho presented 152 scholarship awards to the College’s distinguished students.

Before the ceremony commenced, Dr. Tzu-leung Ho recalled the arduous trail-blazing founding of S.H. Ho College, and thanked Master Samuel Sun, who had been leading the College staff to build the College to today’s scale. Dr. Ho further encouraged students to pursue excellence. Lam Ka Wai, the recipient of Dr. and Madam Tzu-leung Ho Scholarships for Distinguished Medical Students and representative of the scholarship recipients, proceeded to the lectern and expressed sincere gratitude to the College, donors, families and friends, especially Dr. and Madam Tzu-leung Ho and Master Sun, for their unconditional support during their studies at CUHK. Lam Ka Wai added, ‘The titles we obtained today shall by no means signify the end of our pursuits of excellence. Instead, with great ability comes great responsibilities. We should therefore work even harder and not refrain ourselves from contributing to our College, University and community should there be such chances.’

The result of Jacobson Digital Storytelling Competition was announced in the ceremony, which aims to encourage students to develop students’ English proficiency by making effective use of written, spoken and visual languages to create original, reflective and inspiring digital stories that capture meaningful and unforgettable experiences gained in college life. Li Hou Yong, Chen Yanyao, Kwok Ming Fung, Cheung Hiu Ying and Lam Ho Leung were recognized for their creativity and digital storytelling techniques demonstrated in their works. Among the awardees, Li Hou Yong’s Bon Voyage!, which recorded the way the sailing adventurers were inspired in the nature, clinched the Champion and Most Popular Award. Chen Yanyao’s A Spectacular Running Experience and Cultural Visit won the First Runner-up, which mentioned her participation in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. Kwok Ming Fung’s Happiness which narrated his service in Cambodia won the Second Runner-up, while the Third Runner-up went to Cheung Hiu Ying’s Story of the Arctic. The Most Reflective Award went to Lam Ho Leung’s Meeting at the right TIMING. Dr. Kevin Chu, Vice President of Tradition Chinese Medicine of Jacobson Pharma Group, graced the event as an honorable guest and appreciated the video productions of the awardees.

As an arena for its students to pursue excellence and to radiate their youthful energy, S.H. Ho College endeavours to gather and nurture the bright minds from the local and international community. The College hereby strives to offer a wide range of scholarships to encourage and enable bright and promising young students to let their dreams take flight.

The College's High Table Dinner-cum-Scholarship Presentation Ceremony was held on 11 November 2015, during which 152 scholarship awards were presented by Master Samuel Sun, Dr. Tzu-leung Ho and Mrs. Stella Ho.

(Upper photo) Dr. T.L. Ho met with distinguished students to share with them insights of the pursuit of medical education; (Bottom photo from left) Mrs. Stella Ho, Dr. T.L Ho, Yiu On Ying Angela (recipient of Dr. and Madam Tzu-leung Ho Full Scholarships for Medical Students) , Lin Pak Ho (recipient of Dr. and Madam Tzu-leung Ho Scholarships for Distinguished Medical Students) and Master Sun

After the high table dinner, freshers admitted in 2015 take a group photo with the College members.