A Festive Feast for College Community

A festive reunion of the College’s big family.

In the evening of 22 December, enchanting music and laugher have filled Ho Sin Hang Hall. The night started to be chilly but the brightness and comfort of the hall swept away the gloom and cold outside. It had been a while since last communal dining was held in the hall. Members of the S.H. Ho community returned to Home in celebration of Christmas over a festive dinner on that evening.

For the College community, communal dining is an unforgettable event. During term time, College students dine with teachers and good friends in the spacious hall after class on three weekdays every week. The occasions, just like any family reunion, provide an excellent platform for all to exchange ideas. The dialogues over the tables facilitate the relationships of the participants and strengthen their bonds. Their sense of belonging to Home is fostered day after day.

As the last communal dining in 2021, the Christmas dinner rolled around just the day after Winter Solstice and before Christmas Eve. At the hall entrance, guests were greeted with colourful displays. Buffer dinner was served for about 200 students and members who were seated at more than 30 tables in the hall. They chatted about everything, from festivals, thanksgiving, campus life, daily encounters to the delicious food, at their own tables.

At the beginning of the dinner, Prof. Wong Wing Shing, Master of S.H. Ho College, welcomed all the guests with warm remark. He said, “I am happy to see so many of you to turn up for this event. Most students come from Year 1, to be followed by Year 2 and so on. I know the Year 1, Year 2 and even Year 3 students do not have the opportunities or experiences to be exposed to the full range of our traditional College activities. It is a very critical mission for us to re-establish and revitalize our College tradition. Next semester, hopefully we will achieve more of our normal activities.”

Miss Abigail Yap, a Year 3 student majoring in Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis Programme, shared that she truly enjoyed every second of the dinner. “I not only felt the festive Christmas spirit amongst us, but also the warmth of the College. The College staff had put in so much effort to organize and host such a successful and fun event, and I sincerely thank and applaud them for all of their efforts and hard work. Since the pandemic, this was the first time we got the chance to gather together in the dining hall and enjoy each other’s company over a yummy meal, which made the Christmas dinner even more special and memorable,” said Abigail.

The finale of the event was the lucky draw. An electronic wheel, which was projected on the LED screen, was spun to pick the winners. About 20 students went on stage to receive the prizes from Master Wong and College members. After the dinner, the guests wished one another Merry Christmas and looked forwarded to the next communal dinning where they could share dreams and hopes for the new year at Home.

Prof. Wong Wing Shing, College Master, jokes that the red shirt is his best symbolic gesture to be Santa on this occasion.

The buffet dinner provides a wide range of delicious food.

Nothing is better than spending time with family and friends.

Participants are delighted by the cheerful decorations.

Festoso, the College’s Music Society, performs on stage throughout the Christmas dinner.

Prizes of the luck draw are presented by College Members.