A Creative Showcase of Freshmen’s Reflections

The annual Freshers’ Fest (明新達人展) showcased final productions from the College General Education (CGE) Programme – GESH1010 Orientation and Outreach. From 3 March to 7 March 2014, students’ artful exhibits, ranging from video clips, pop-up books, T-Shirts, board games to model display, were showcased on the first floor of Chan Chun Ha Hall. Freshers’ Fest is a valuable opportunity to appreciate students’ response to their effort in their first year experience.

In the opening ceremony of the fest, four selected groups presented to the invited guests, College members, instructors and classmates their highly-praised co-creation, including a story about unlocking the treasure box which symbolizes realizing dreams with perseverance and courage, a music video with the theme on leading an unregrettable university life and a digital photo album in which students reminisced their learning experiences like delivering meals to street sleepers. Throughout the process of reflection and artworks co-creation, students from diverse backgrounds come together to examine their orientation in life and build the learning community.

Freshers’ Fest, marking the grand finale of the GESH1010 course, is designed for freshmen to consolidate their experience in the course and innovatively express their in-depth reflection on their dreams, college and university lives through artworks co-creation.