A Bridge between the College and Students

Samson (left) and Erika (right) agree that an effective communication between the College and students are beneficial to keeping the home safe.

Mr. Samson Lam and Miss Erika Kwek are two of the resident tutors from Lee Quo Wei Hall. Both are PhD students at CUHK. Samson is responsible for managing the 1st floor of Lee Quo Wei Hall while Erika is for 4th and 8th floors. Resident tutors need to carry out floor patrol every month.  At the same time, they serve as a bridge between the College and students, and implement the decisions of the wardens and the College.

Erika is an alumna of the College, familiar with the culture and spirt of her alma mater. She has returned to the home as a resident tutor since 2018. Samson has joined the College since last August. He would like to experience hostel life as he did not have this chance as an undergraduate student.

Resident tutors were assigned with more duties during the fifth wave of the pandemic. Samson said, “Some resident students were tested positive or were close contacts. They were not allowed to leave their rooms for a while. Resident tutors would take turns to provide meals, drinks, rapid test kits, etc. to them by placing these essential items outside their rooms. When there were any new measures at hostels, we would put up notices and share the news in social communication tools. We would make sure students were well-informed of the College’s decisions. For example, when many workmen were tested positive and the cleaning manpower was tight, we needed to remind students of placing their garbage in the skip outside the hostel lobby.”

Erika added that wardens and resident tutors joined hands to ensure that students were aware of the anti-pandemic information. They also had to handle positive cases with special care. “Owning to the infection affecting not just the students but staff and janitors as well, we treated one another like a big family, and pick up one another’s duties, and support in all areas when necessary.”

Although resident tutors stay in single rooms, they still live in a place with many shared facilities which means virus transmission is still possible. Were they worried if there were any confirmed cases nearby? Samson pointed out that not so because he had received three doses of vaccination. “I also believe that if we follow the anti-prevention measures strictly, for example, keeping our hands clean and wearing our masks properly, it will not be a big problem.” Erika thought that it is normal to have a certain level of anxiety and concern. She is grateful that there was no critical confirmed case in her social circle.

To face challenges, Erika shared, “This pandemic has taught me the importance of being adaptable, and to maintain inner grit in the face of any circumstances. It is important to stay empathetic and understanding towards everyone.” Samson said that everyone has to do his or her own part. “We come from a big family. A small loophole may have a profound impact. If we can be self-disciplined, we can lift the burdens of other people.”