4th S. H. Ho College Medical Society Annual Dinner

The 4th S. H. Ho College Medical Society Annual Dinner was held on 28 November 2016. Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice Chancellor of CUHK; Dr Tzu-leung Ho, Chairman of the Committee of Overseers; Prof. Samuel Sun, College Master; Prof. Simon Ng, Assistant Dean of Faculty of Medicine; and other medical professors, students and alumni spent the night with music as the bridge to one another.

“Still I am free. Still I am independent. Always loudly singing my song, traveling thousands of miles.” More than 30 freshmen sang “Boundless Oceans Vast Skies” together. It is a famous pop song composed and originally performed by Beyond, a Canto-rock band. The lyrics and melody of the song were a reflection of the freshmen’s dreams and ambitions. They also performed the songs “It’s a Real Thing” and “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, arranged by Dr. Tzu-leung Ho. The Med Doc Band, comprising professors of medicine, performed four classic songs: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, “Take Me home, Country Roads” and “It’s a Real Thing”.

At the end, a session of impromptu singing was initiated by faculty members and medical students. Everybody found a way to enjoy the music night.