Finding Your Inner Voice

Toby hosts two music radio programmes at RTHK.

College student Mr. Toby Wong, who study Global Studies Programme, stepped into his final year of his university life in the 2019-2020 academic year. For him, this is an unforgettable year. Firstly, in the blink of an eye, he will change his role soon and needs to plan his future. Secondly, he does not expect that the first semester ended so suddenly, and the second semester was taught online with no “in-person” campus life because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toby said, “What a shame. It is like a regret you cannot help.” Toby is devoted to College life and is used to the lively and home atmosphere at the College. He joined Resident Council and was involved in different committees. When asked about his most impressed experience at the College, “SHHO Night” came into his mind instantly. He handmade a huge doll and set it up at the Central Step with his peers’ assistance. He was going to enjoy campus life in the second semester but who knows that this plan would be interrupted by the pandemic. “We cannot even participate in Photo Day…” Every March, the College’s final year students put on graduation gowns, take photographs with teachers on Central Steps and enjoy refreshments on the lawn. Their families and friends also attend the event for celebration. However, this meaningful activity was cancelled this year. “Recently, we have ordered graduation gowns. All of us want to take photographs together with gowns on.” The environment is not preferable but they have tried their best to draw a perfect end to their graduation.

Speaking of his plan after graduation, Toby knows that job hunting is not easy when there is an economic downturn, but he is still optimistic, with two strings to his bow. “Maybe I will take up different part-time jobs after graduation. I may plan to study further next year.” As an old saying goes, when there is a will, there is a way. If the road ahead is not clear, we can be flexible and overcome the obstacles by faith.

As a music-lover, Toby is skilled in playing the piano and conducting. We invited him to choose a song for the College’s graduates. He selected Whistle down the Wind, which is a theme song from the musical of the same name. Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who is best known for writing songs for another musical Phantom of the Opera, Whistle down the Wind brings out a strong message – If you can find your inner voice by faith, life will reward you with positive responses. “By this song, I hope to encourage all the final year students. We have faced difficulties in every single way but in this chaotic world, we can still uphold our beliefs, find our own voices and live out a life true to ourselves.”

Toby and his friends set up their own Photo Day.

The mega doll takes up evenings of three whole weeks to build.

Joining Resident Council enriches Toby’s College life.