S.H. Ho College’s 10th Anniversary Lecture on “Introduction to Dream of the Red Chamber” and My Story by Prof. Pai Hsien-yung

Held on 27 March, “Introduction to Dream of the Red Chamber” drew an audience of more than 600 including CUHK teaching staff, students, alumni and the public. This is the first time for Prof. Pai to analyse this masterpiece in Hong Kong. The lecture was conducted in Putonghua for around one hour and 30 minutes from all-round perspectives such as mythic structure, philosophical meaning, realistic reflections, characters and rhetoric in Dream of the Red Chamber.

Prof. Pai said he had never left the protagonist Jia Baoyu in his lifetime. He has started to read Dream of the Red Chamber since he was a primary-five student. Until today, this book still lies on his bedside. He has unique and inspiring insight on how the author Cao Xueqin wrote the book with strong feelings about his times, set up different scenarios, gave lively portraits on characters, used stylistic rhetoric, etc. It was with a great pleasure that S.H. Ho College organised Prof Pai’s introductory lecture on “the best book ever” in Hong Kong at CUHK. The audience actively interacted with Prof. Pai in the open floor session.

Prof. Pai later attended S.H. Ho College’s 10th anniversary high table dinner and gave a speech on My Story, from Literature to Culture on 29 March. He encouraged students to read some Chinese and western classics when they study at university. No matter which faculty they come from, man remains their ultimate goal to explore. Literature focuses on human nature and human feelings which enlighten one’s understanding on the subject of man. If students read and think more about literature, they will be benefited for the rest of their life.

S.H. Ho College stepped into the 10th year last academic year. To commemorate this milestone, the College launched a series of exhibitions and activities, including Logo Design Competition, Writing and Creative Work Competition, Treasures from Tang Dynasty—Prof. Kai Keung Mark’s Collection of Chinaware from Changsha Kiln Exhibition, Ten Years of Bonding • Hundreds of Stitches Exhibition, Mr. Yung Ho-yin Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition, Chen Ming Jun’s Zisha Teapot Exhibition, SHHO Walkathon, SHHOW the Decade (a talent show), Alumni Homecoming Dinner and Time Capsule Burial Ceremony, Round-campus Run, etc. Prof. Pai’s Lecture on “Introduction to Dream of the Red Chamber” and the 10th anniversary high table dinner marked the end of all the celebratory events. Looking to the future, the College will keep up its root on the concept of “home”, uphold the spirit of “innovation, excellence and service” and excel in the whole-person education.