The Chinese University of Hong Kong Night Challenge

Everyone gets ready for the race!

Around 20 staff and teaching members, students and alumnus participated in The Chinese University of Hong Kong Night Challenge on 8 March. There was a sprinkle of rain and it was a bit chilly in the evening but all the College runners still managed to finish the race.

The race was divided into two sections, namely “10K Night Challenge (Competitive)” and “4K Night Challenge (Non-competitive)”. Both groups started the race at Pak Shek Kok Promenade in Shatin and ran past Pak Shek Kok Landing. Then the groups split. The 10K group headed to Tolo Harbour Garden and Tai Po Railway Pier, turned back after Tai Wong Temple and finally returned to Pak Shek Kok Promenade. The 4K group turned back after Chong San Road Public Toilet and returned to Pak Shek Kok Promenade. Some of the College staff, students and alumnus won awards in the “10K Night Challenge”.


College Awardees in 10K Race

Groups Category Position Name
Staff (Men) 10K 2 Mr. CHAN Chor Kwan
Student (Women) 10K 1 Miss MOCK CACERES Andrea Elizabeth Maria
Student (Women) 10K 9 Miss LIANG Yingxin
Student (Men) 10K 7 Mr. WONG Chung Hei
Alumni (Men) 10K 4 Mr. TSANG Fuk Cheung


College participants warm up at the hostel lobby.

Participants take a selfie.

Mr. Chan Chor Kwan (left) and Mr. Tsang Fuk Cheung (right) win the 2nd place in “Staff (Men) 10K” and the 4th place in “Alumni (Men) 10K” respectively.

Miss Mock Caceres Andrea Elizabeth Maria (second left) and Miss Liang Yingxin (right) win the 1st and 9th places in “Student (Women) 10K” respectively.

Mr. Wong Chung Hei (second left) wins the 7th place in “Student (Men) 10K”.