SHHO Sailing Adventure 2016

SHHO Sailing Adventure 2016

Dear student,

Let’s step out from your comfort zone!  You are invited to join a unique training for S.H. Ho College students.  This sailing training is to build self-confidence, leadership, team work, trust, and empowerment through various sailing tasks and team activities.  Selection interview may be required.   If you are interested, please complete the online application form by 27 April 2016 (Wed).  Enclosed please find the poster for your kind reference.  For enquiries, please contact Ms.Kristie Chow at or 3943 1476.

Dates:                                 6 – 8 July 2016

Fee:                                     $590 (after College subsidy $960)

Quota:                                11

Application deadline:         27 April 2016

Online application form:

Quotes from previous participants:

“…Sailing, very uniquely, show me a perspective about leadership that many other training programs failed to put focus on—to lead the team, it is not just about “leading”; the word leader means much more than that.”


“It was my first time being involved in a sailing adventure. The experience was great and remarkable. I really enjoyed controlling the yacht and sharing dinner with my buddies. It was a challenging task to strike balance on the yacht in mid-night but also memorable. I loved small talks under the starry sky and the sharing was inspiring also. This experience is more of a kind of “healing” than adventure to me actually: a nap in warm breeze, a good swim under sunshine. The most rewarding of the trip is not how we challenge ourselves, but how to seek out the beautiful bites of life to enjoy.”

“這三天印像最深的事情自然是能夠兩次成為舵手,親自掌控帆船了。舵手要將風向、前方景物、瞭望員與助手的信息結合。隨著風的方向調整船的航向。既不能讓船陷入不能前進的“No go zone”,也要小心前方的暗礁,向著目的地航行。”

Warm regards,

Dean of Students’ Office

S.H. Ho College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong