Meet Our Graduates

The College serves as a haven for university journey and prepares students to set sail for a wonderful voyage. It is a place for growth and transformation. Even after graduation, the affiliation to the College remains as an important identity for our graduates who still treasure the fond memories of their college days and the home community they have belonged to. Let’s listen to their stories!


Among the nine colleges in CUHK, S.H. Ho College is the only college which put great emphasis on the concept of “Home”. Students, teachers and staff here see each other as family members and we grow, share and experience our university life and dream together.

In my pre-clinical years, I was very honoured to obtain guidance and advice from Dr Ho and all the distinguished professors during mentorship lunch. I was able to foresee the limitations of medical students in the setting of clinical practice, ways to make the best out of the ward experience and encounters with patients, and to get mentally prepared for the emotional drain and barriers that I may face in clinical years of study. It definitely equipped me with the skills and attitude which are essential for my future practice as well.

As a medical student, I have the privilege to engage myself in mentorship lunch, the S.H. Ho College Medical Society Annual Dinner with Dr Ho, Master Wong and faculty professors; overseas attachment programmes; internships opportunities exclusively arranged for S.H. Ho students, in which all are immensely precious.

Ms. Lam Ka Wai
MBChB 2020
Awardee of Dr and Madam Tzu-leung Ho Scholarships for Distinguished Medical Students 2014-2015
Currently a family medicine resident


I was blessed to have joined Cambodia Service Trip and multiple mentorship lunches with Dr Tzu-leung Ho.

For the service trip, this brought a new experience of application of public health in developing country. We had chance to conduct survey for people in Cambodia in a hope to address the health needs there with cooperation of NGO. We also reflected on our views in poverty and meaning of happiness with in-depth sharing at the hostel. Sight-seeing of the cultural heritage of Cambodia was also highlight of the trip.

Mentorship lunches with Dr Ho always involved different guests. The wisdom of their years of practice all condense into an hour is enlightening. It also gave us an idea of what to expect in coming years of medical practising. This truly was an unique experience and provided a cutting edge for students in the College over the others.

The daily communal dining and high-table dinners are surely memorable. This built a tight bonding among collegemates. We saw each other day in and day out. Even till now we still meet up with each other and attend each other’s wedding!

Ms. Chow Yin Ting Rosanna
MBChB 2017
Awardee of Dr and Madam Tzu-leung Ho Scholarships for Distinguished Medical Students 2012-2013
Recipient of S.H. Ho College Eminent Award 2016-2017
Currently in second year higher surgical trainee in general surgery


I picked S.H. Ho college as my first choice when I first attended the college orientation day. I was attracted to the enthusiasm of the students and staff to the college as well as the concept of full residential and communal dining. I believed it would make my hostel life fruitful and exciting. Thinking back my years in university, I sincerely consider entering S.H. Ho College to be the best decision I have made. It is not only the support and activities they provided to me, but how they shaped the word “Home” in my heart.

As a former medical student, I conclude the two most important things to be mentorship and accompanies.

First, I still remember there were days I felt puzzled on how my future paths should be. I started to question about the reasons for me to study medicine and why I had to study days and nights to become a doctor. And it was the mentorship lunch with Dr Tzu-Leung Ho and professors that brought me some lights. They shared with us the struggles that they had as medical students and how they overcome. They gave us guidance on our future career and what we could do as medical students to better equip for it. They listened to our ups and downs and would even bring us books and reading materials they found useful and easy to understand!

Second, peer accompanies are always essential. I still remember the days I felt suffocated reading all those thick books and huge number of notes.  Everyday communal dining was the time I could meet my college mates and vent my grievances. I do believe without the peer support I have got in all these years, I would not get a pass and become a doctor. 

Ms. Leung Wing Yiu Wendy
MBChB 2016
Awardee of Dr and Madam Tzu-leung Ho Scholarships for Distinguished Medical Students 2011-2012
Currently in houseman training


When I was a freshman, the most appealing of S.H. Ho College to me was the culture of fully residential and communal dining. I thought that would be a very precious college experience. I was looking forward to be immersed into the university life and have more time to encounter various friends from different faculties when I joined SHHO – and that became true after my several years college life.

There were many special moments during my 6-year college life, but the most unforgettable one would be the days we organized orientation camp in year 2. We had achieved many “unreachable” and created a lot of collective memories together. That was also a moment that I felt strongly about our college and team spirit. Up till now we are still very good friends and always share our lives with each other.

SHHO has a very strong “home” sense among every student, and bonds among medical students from different years are also strong. I could easily get advice from seniors about studying or careers. We could also have peer group practice in hostel at any time we like. This makes up a very friendly and supportive learning environment for medical students.

Ms. Sin Yuen Ting Lala
MBChB 2018
Awardee of Dr and Madam Tzu-leung Ho Full Scholarships for Medical Students 2012-2013
Currently a resident trainee in Department of Medicine and Geriatrics


To me, S.H. Ho College is nourishing.

Looking back at my life at S.H. Ho College, I can’t believe how extensive it had nurtured me throughout my college life. When I first looked at the graduation requirements, I wasn’t exactly sure what the two CGE (College General Education) courses are about, and I didn’t treat them the same as I would to my major courses. However, as I completed the courses, I realized that it is quite different from all the other courses I have taken.

While most of the major courses emphasize technical or operational expertise in our respective disciplines, CGE courses took a fundamentally different approach: all the answers come from ourselves, not from academic authorities. I remember in the Orientation and Outreach classes, we have guided discussions to share our views on what college life means to us, and by the end of the course, we individually come up with an answer to a simple, yet effective question: how YOUR university life should be?

As I progress through college life, there are many times where I doubt myself and my ability, and question if I should carry on or stay put. I am thankful that at the very beginning of my journey, the orientation course provided a good yardstick to remind me of who I initially was, and the tremendous progress I’ve made through the years. In some of the grimmer times in college, I found condolence from the fact that I wasn’t asking myself this question the first time, and I wasn’t alone in this journey.

In the Capstone course, towards the end of our college, the question we all have to ask ourselves was: how YOUR life should be? Finding meaning in what we do, learning how different people see the purpose the life hit me hard since I never really sit down and ask myself in the past. Different people have very different answers to this, but I was astounded by the depth and breadth of these discussions in our class. Concluding my college life with the Capstone course, I was empowered to rethink how my career should be, and search for my meaning and step into society.

These carefully designed CGE courses may not be technical or relevant to our disciplines, but it is an inseparable experience to my college life, reminding me of who I want myself to be, and fostering a sense of purposefulness throughout my college life and beyond. It was through these nurturing, we are nourished with the ability to reflect on ourselves, and choose who we want to be.

Mr. Chiu Hui Fai
Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science 2019
Recipient of S.H. Ho College Eminent Award 2018-19
Currently a finance controller at an investment bank


SHHO gave me a secure and comfortable environment to try new things and to build new relationships.

SHHO was where I began to meet my life-long friends, which are now my important business partners; my pleasant and quiet hostel room at SHHO was where I began to write more and more and became a columnist; I picked pieces of flowers next to the SHHO campus, and I began to develop my interest and techniques in making flower and calligraphy related handicrafts.

You might not have started to think of what kind of life you would like to enjoy, but please treasure the time at university and think of what you would really want. Do not hesitate if you want to start to do anything. Follow your heart. You are never asked to live any so-called “true meaning of life”, but rather, you should live according to your own definition and meaning.

Ms. Ng Ho In
Chinese Language and Literature 2015
Recipient of S.H. Ho College Eminent Award 2014-2015
Currently a slasher (Chinese teacher/ founder and director of SPEC Culture and Travel Ltd. / columnist at Ming Pao / part-time tutor at CUHK)


I have too many unforgettable moments at S.H. Ho college. It is very hard to rank them all. One moment came to mind. It was during my first year of College. We just had a Saxophone culture dinner night at the Franklin. All of us walked together in our gowns and climbed over the mountain to go back to the International House where we stayed before we had our current dormitories. 

When I came to college, far away from home, I was immediately loved and cared for by my fellow students, staffs and professors. I grew and I thrived. Till this day, whenever I come back to Hong Kong, I would always dropped by to say hi to people still at the college. It is practically my second home.

Seize the opportunity. Be active. Be proactive. This is a place where you will spend the best time of your life.

Ms. Tan Yuqi
Cell and Molecular Biology 2014
Recipient of S.H. Ho College Eminent Award 2013-2014
Pursued PhD in computational biology at Johns Hopkins University (USA)
Currently a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University


S.H. Ho College guarantees full residence and catering at college, which paves the way for more effective studying and a more fruitful college or hall life. The amounts of scholarships ease the financial burden of my family. The quantity and quality of overseas exchange opportunities provide wonderful exposure to the outside world.

My unforgettable moment at the College was playing Fifa on a Playstation with 5-6 friends in a crowded dorm overnight after a long day of studying and attending classes. It was one of the most care-free days in my life as it was all about laughing and having fun with my friends.  More importantly, the bonds nurtured during all those nights remain strong across time and borders.

I’d describe the College as HOME. Not only you make a lot of friends who act as brothers and sisters in College, the teachers and staff are also family members that you can talk to about almost anything, be it academic or not. (I always discuss football with Prof. KB Wong during dining sessions, haha.)

Mr. Wong Tsz Wai Alvin
Bachelor of Laws 2020
Recipient of S.H. Ho College Eminent Award 2019-2020
Awardee of Ho Tim Foundation Scholarships at Hughes Hall, the University of Cambridge 2021-2022
About to start Master of Law Programme at University of Cambridge in 2021


When I got into such a new phase of life, I desired a place where I can call home, and SHHO gave me that impression.

Regarding my most unforgettable moment at SHHO, the first thing off the top of my head is…the daily morning walk with Master Sun. It’s unforgettable because I don’t wake up at 6/7 am for many things.

I studied MPhil in Development Studies at Hughes Hall. My special experience there was waking up at 6am to practice rowing on River Cam…where you can see the most beautiful side of Cambridge (with sleepy eyes).

You will make the right decision to join SHHO – now live out your own SHHO life.

Mr. Kong Chun San Johnson
Sociology 2016
Awardee of Ho Tim Foundation Scholarships at Hughes Hall, the University of Cambridge 2016-2017
Currently an investment stewardship analyst


S.H. Ho College was the first “new” college I heard of. I was fascinated by the guaranteed residential experience and its proximity to the business school. I emcee-ed the inauguration ceremony and gala dinner for the grand opening of the S.H. Ho College buildings. It was my honour to witness the unveiling of an exciting new chapter.

At Hughes Hall, I studied Anthropology in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. I also minored in Philosophy and Translation. I thoroughly enjoyed all Formal dinners at Hughes Hall not just because of the food but the GREAT ambience. I miss being surrounded and inspired by intelligent friends from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds. The free exchange of ideas was incredibly open and boundaryless.

Often university students see undergraduate experience as either an extension of secondary school education or a career preparation centre. To me, university is the perfect place to cultivate “dimensionality”. Take some time off your studies and engage with other interests. Develop new hobbies and meet people outside your circle. Dimensionality is good; it makes you feel like well-rounded humans who have more to live for than just a GPA/resume (or a pay cheque in the future).

Ms. Ng Ching Man Cynthia
Integrated BBA 2014
Awardee of Ho Tim Foundation Scholarships at Hughes Hall, the University of Cambridge 2014-2015
Currently working in an investment bank and managing discretionary portfolios for family offices, endowment and charitable organizations in Asia