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Last Communal Dining

24 April 2024

Last Thursday marked the last communal dining of our semester. My heart was heavy as it was also the last communal dining for many final-year students and some of our resident tutors.

On that night upon returning to the Master’s Lodge, memories of the times together with many of the final-year students and tutors over the past 2 years flashed back…our singing performance at the 2022 Orientation Camp, Runner Force training, Friday “Tea & Talk Time” at the Master’s Lodge, “Wells Chat” at the Wells, and the College General Education tutorial on the meaning of work and life. I also remembered many of them participating at the SHHOW, singing contest, and inter-college sports competitions, and some who have helped in walking Ollie in the early mornings.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our Choir for their beautiful performance at this last communal dining. Their rendition of ‘In Remembrance’ poignantly expressed our feelings of missing our final-year students and tutors. The second song, ‘I Have Sung the Sound of the World/我唱出了世界的聲音’, was a heartfelt wish for them to live a beautiful and fulfilling life. To our final-year students and tutors, remember that SHHO is always your “home away from home” and believes in you no matter where you are. Add oil!