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General Education Student Seminar

Organized by Office of University General Education since 2010, the annual GE Student Seminar celebrates the achievements of outstanding students in General Education Foundation Programme. It aims at gathering both former and current GEF students who share passion for reading classics to discuss their peers’ good works and ponder about life. At the GE Student Seminar, awardees were invited to present their papers, share the main ideas as well as their experience of composing the papers with their teachers and fellow classmates.


“1st General Education Student Seminar – Critical Reading of Natural Philosophy, Science and Technology” is the first General Education Student Seminar at the CUHK which aims to provide a platform for academic exchange. GESS focuses on Natural Philosophy, Science and Technology. Nine students have been invited from UGB2412 (Science in Classics: Exploring the Universe and Life( or UGE2806 (Technology and Life) to share their papers. University General Education not only focuses on knowledge but also emphasizes student reflection. As a result, students are able to reflect and explore more through sharing their views and papers.


The award-bearing essays of S.H. Ho students are listed as follows.

9th General Education Student Seminar (2016-17)

Name Essay Category Award
CHIU Kwan Ho Nicholas How, if at all, has Adam Smith’s intentions to promote universal opulence in The Wealth of Nations been able to benefit the common worker? In Dialogue with Humanity Bronze Award
TAM Lok Man 模糊的界線:論科學與藝術的異同 In Dialogue with Nature Silver Award
LAU Yuk Bun When Science becomes creeds? Perfection! In Dialogue with Nature Bronze Award
LI Yee Ting The Beauty in Scientists’ Eyes – Less or More? In Dialogue with Nature Bronze Award
TSANG Ling Yi Should be changed or should not be changed – that is the question. In Dialogue with Nature Bronze Award


7th General Education Student Seminar (2014-15)

Name  Essay  Category  Award 

Out of Observation, Intuition and Deduction, Which Could We Do Without and Still Be Able to Continue to Practise Modern Science?

In Dialogue with Nature  Silver Award 


6th General Education Student Seminar (2013-14)

Name  Essay  Category  Award 
LAM Hiu Chung  Man and Nature – In Dialogue with Newton and Needham In Dialogue with Nature 

Silver Award 


5th General Education Student Seminar (2012-13)

Name  Essay  Category  Award 
YIP Ming Tak  Tiger and I  In Dialogue with Humanity  Best Essay Award 
LAU Wing Hong 


In Dialogue with Humanity Outstanding Essay 
LU Kannan  Physics: Mathematical Basis and Intuition  In Dialogue with Nature  Best Essay Award 
SIN Yuen Ting 當沃森遇上卡森 In Dialogue with Nature Best Essay Award

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