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Student Induction Activities

Team Identity Design (TID)

The aim of Team Identity Design is to initiate the early formation of a team identity through creative production to stimulate the imagination and an exchange of ideas between members. The teams produce a T-shirt displaying the team motto, which all team members wear when going on CGE Camp.

Logos Production

Logos Production is a scripted articulation of students’ reflections in response to their course experience in general and the freshers’ agenda, namely “Our College”, “My University Life”, “My Social Life”, “Our University” and “My Dream”.

Freshers’ Fest

At the end of the inaugural programme – GESH1010 Orientation and Outreach, S.H. Ho College freshers produced many thoughtful works. GESH1010 is our College First Year Experience effort. To appreciate our students’ response to it, a special student-initiated event – Freshers’ Fest was held, where to display students’ production. Freshers’ Fest will be a valuable opportunity to appreciate students’ response to their effort on First Year Experience.