Student Sharing

今天,在書院通識導師的帶領下,我們穿著課程內自己設計的T-恤去行山。之前也爬過山,但都是一路向上,直至登上山頂。然而,這次卻是在迂回起伏的山路上行走,經常走下坡路,但高度在不知不覺中增加。這讓我想起來一句話:當你站在山頂想要爬上前面更高的山峰,就必須先下山,然後從頭開始。向下走不是後退,不是失敗,而是為了向更高點前進而作準備。來到山中一片空地,針對書院通識提出的問題,我們坐下來靜心思考人生,思考我們曾經做過的路和我們所期待的未來 。那些七彩的回憶在我的生命中沉澱下來,充實了我,發展了我,成就了我,也引領著我。而今,我進入了大學,來到了一座新的山峰前,開始我的攀登,更多地認識自己,瞭解世界。在這裡,我將找到自己的位置,深入學習,提升自我,創造價值,並嘗試著去改變世界。我期待著未來,期待所有的陽光和風雨,用飽蘸濃墨的筆去描繪生命的燦爛。

茅許霄 (江蘇)




林偉青 (香港)

The General Education Programme of SHHO College is different. When compared with the other Colleges’ general education programmes, they usually invite celebrities or famous scholars to talk and share. But we are special. Our programme wants students to get out of the classroom, to feel more, to experience more. CGE Camp is an example.  It is a regular wild activity that all freshmen must join. Tasks include setting up tents in the countryside, collecting branches for wild cooking and climbing a mountain.

My most unforgettable part was in the night. All of us sat on the grass, closed our eyes, listened patiently to the words from senior students. That triggered me to reflect on my first 2 months in the university and think about the future self. In the University there was an array of activities and chances. I tried and tried to experience more, but I seldom calmed down and pondered about every single item. Luckily, this wild camp gave me a valuable opportunity to rethink my life.

The years afterwards, I had helped the Programmes as a Teaching Assistant. When I came across the topics discussed in class, such as university life, interpersonal relationship and dreams, I had a different feeling- I experienced some mentioned but also something more. I wanted to share these with freshmen, and that’s why I chose to be the Teaching Assistant for two years.

Chan Man Ying, Pamela (Hong Kong)
School of Chinese Medicine