GESH2011 Service-learning: Bringing Knowledge to Life


Service-learning: Bringing Knowledge to Life

For students entering Year 2 or above, this course intends to offer students the fundamental concepts of service-learning – an approach in which students could utilise their academic knowledge and skills to address community needs. Throughout the course, students would be equipped with the essential skill set and mindset to prepare for their upcoming service-learning project (SLP). Apart from designing their service plans, students would become civically informed and engaged citizens of the community.

Through this course, students are expected to be able to:

  • build a better understanding of the community’s needs and real-life situations;
  • raise self-awareness in expressing their own emotions, feelings and experiences; and
  • enhance their sense of empathy, social responsibility, and commitment to caring for other stakeholders in the community.

Three Components

Social and Civic Learning
Through lectures and skills labs, students will be equipped with soft and hard skills for service-learning activities.

Students will engage in the investigation of community needs, and identify the potential actions to do.

Planning & Preparation
Students will start to prepare the action plan for service-learning activities. They need to liaise with the local community service providers and map out a detailed and practical proposal for their actions to take in collaboration with their selected partners.