Capstone Course – GESH4010 Work and Productive Life

Capstone Course

GESH4010 Work and Productive Life

For senior year students entering a life of work, this course intends to bridge formal university education and work life. The goal is to broaden the concept of work beyond vocation, by developing a deep understanding of the nature of work and its broad array of possibilities. Throughout the course, students would be directed to appreciate the many realms of life experiences over and beyond work towards the focal concept of a productive life. As students are approaching the end of their university life, this course would be an opportune framework for examining the meaning and value of university education in real life.

Different from the induction course, this course would be largely discussion-based. It is hoped that through reading, discussion and writing, students can: 
(1) have a chance to precipitate their reflections and studies in both S.H. Ho College and in university; 
(2) be equipped with concepts and methods for critical reflections, especially on issues related to their career and to leading a productive life. 
Thus our goal to bridge students between formal university education and work-life can be achieved.

The Capstone Course consists of two parts

Class Discussion

Students are expected to complete their readings and suggested preparatory work before class. Each student then needs to submit one short piece of individual writing.

Group Final Presentation

All students, are required to conduct a group final presentation (GFP) to consolidate their learning experiences of the course, make critical reflections on the meaning of work and life, and share their reflections with their fellow students. Each GFP group normally consists of five to seven students.

Special Arrangement for Medicine students

We offer special arrangements for Medicine students who receive clinical training and study out of campus.  For details please contact College General Education Office.