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The Development of Inkstones – Prof. Kai Keung Mark’s Collection

Date 09 February - 10 April 2018
Venue Gallery, G/F, Chan Chun Ha Hall, S.H. Ho College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

This exhibition of inkstones aims at introducing the features of inkstones in different dynasties, their trend of development and the characteristics of materials commonly used in manufacturing inkstones throughout Chinese history. Although some displayed items are imitations created at later times, they can still demonstrate the characteristics of inkstones in certain dynasties.

The exhibition is a showcase of inkstones collected by Prof. Kai Keung Mark. Professor Mark is a connoisseur in Chinese cultural relics, with over 30 years’ experience in appreciating and collecting Chinese antiques. He taught at the Department of Biology, CUHK for 30 years up to his retirement in 1995. Through the exhibition of Professor Mark’s collection, the College hope to enhance the understanding of the public about the historical development of Chinese inkstones.