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Kang Youwei’s Duan Inkstone in the Form of a Bell

Kang Youwei was a renowned calligrapher in the Qing Dynasty. His works were mainly of semi-cursive script. This inkstone is one of those used for calligraphy. The side of the inkstone was inscribed “Gengsheng”, which is Kang Youwei’s another name. This inkstone is made from a high-quality piece of Duan stone with fine carving. This is a good demonstration of the culture of richly decorating inkstones in the Qing Dynasty. This inkstone is not only sophisticated, but also has a nicely matched rosewood box. This reflects that inkstones were highly valued in the Qing Dynasty. At the lower part of this inkstone in the form of a bell, there was an inscription “Inscribed by Wu Zi, the Third Month in Gengshu Year of the Daoguang Reign at the Chens’ Shi Garden in Jiangyin”.