S.H. Ho College will admit around 150 students each year, in which around 70% are from Hong Kong and 30% from Mainland China and overseas. We will admit students from all the faculties in order to establish a student community with diversity. Academic achievements of students are not the sole criterion of admission. We look for students who appreciate our missions and visions, and would fully participate in the College life through communal dining and full residency. Students with leadership and other talents would have an advantage.

Each College has its own features. But you may ask, why S.H. Ho College? At our College, you can discover a home-like sense of belonging. Every single person is indispensable. Together they form a big family. You can also equip yourself at this berth where you can build a solid foundation for the future development.

Orientation Camp

The College freshmen participate in an orientation camp every year. It is a College programme designed to help freshmen adjust to the College life and University life. An array of activities, including matriculation, communal dining, mass games, an introduction to hostel life and College General Education programme, are held in the camp to help students interact with each other and with College members, and immerse themselves in the College’s “full residence and communal dining”.

Full Residence

To help create a congenial learning atmosphere, the college requires all of its undergraduates to live on campus in one of two spacious modern hostels. As a relatively small multi-cultural community, the S. H. Ho College is home to 450 students from Hong Kong, with the remaining 150 coming from Mainland China and overseas. College life is carefully geared towards helping people from different cultural and language backgrounds understand and respect each other.

Communal Dinner

To create a congenial learning atmosphere, the College requires that all its undergraduates dine with the Master and other members of the College on three evenings each week. The College offers three types of dinner, they are Communal Dining, Cultural Dining and High Table Dinner.


To recognize academic achievements as well as artistic and athletic talents of freshers, the College offers numerous full and partial tuition scholarships every year. Recipients of matriculation scholarships will be entitled to renewal of their awards up to and including their graduation year if they maintain the required academic performance. Dr. Tzu-leung Ho and his beloved wife Madam Ho generously donate HK$600,000 for one local medical student with outstanding academic achievement and moral character.

The College Master’s List Awards are awarded annually to students who have shown excellent academic performance and actively participated in College activities. The College’s highest S.H. Ho Eminent College Scholarship goes to a graduating student who has made outstanding achievements in academic study, personal development and contribution to the life of the College.

To broaden students’ international horizons, various academic and cultural exchange scholarships are tenable in a number of leading universities of the world.

Finally, as part of the effort to realize its vision and mission on whole person education, the College also offers co-curricular achievement scholarships for students who excel in sports, music, artistic creativity, leadership and social services.

Experiential Learning

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To broaden one’s outlook, there is no better way than immerse oneself in different countries. S.H. Ho College encourages its students to gain in-depth experience of local customs from the prospective of art, history, culture, academia, social service and sports in multiple contexts and interact with the locals to enrich their exposure. Until now, College students have travelled to different corners of the world, including the Arctic, the Sahara Desert, Russia, Jerusalem of Israel, Uganda of Africa, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Hawaiian Islands, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai of Thailand, Hualien of Taiwan, Gyeongju and Busan of Korea, Kyushu of Japan, Singapore as well as Nanjing, Dunhuang and Shaoxing of mainland China. They have started a meaningful journey and turned a new page in life.

College General Education

S.H. Ho College’s dedicated general education programme is an integral part of the settled yet challenging life that you will lead as a member of the S. H. Ho College community. Formal credit-bearing general college education falls into two parts: an induction course for incoming freshers, and a capstone course for graduating students. Starting from the academic year 2023-24, the College will gradually introduce new capstone courses – College Service-Learning Courses (GESH2011 Service-learning: Bringing Knowledge to Life and GESH2012 Service-learning: Action towards Personhood), to facilitate students’ self-development and foster their civic-mindedness in creating changes in the community.