S.H. Ho College

Starting in 2012, each of the undergraduate programmes at The Chinese University of Hong Kong reverts back to the Four-year Academic Structure. To cater for the expected increase in student numbers and to provide students with more freedom of choice, the University has established five new colleges. This decision acknowledges the higher levels of interaction which come about when people live and learn together on a smaller scale.

S.H. Ho College was established in May 2006 with generous donations from The S. H. Ho Foundation Limited. The College admitted its first cohort of students in August of 2010 and has accommodated a full complement of 600 students on a fully residential and communal dining basis since 2012.

The students who are admitted to S.H. Ho College do not just enter a college. They find a home away from home. Throughout their undergraduate studies, all students will live in one of two spacious modern hostels and will dine with the master and other members of the College three times per week. Adopting a fully residential and communal dining system, the College is home to 600 students.