College Identity


The five golden lines on a blue ground that dominate the College’s emblem derive from the ancient Chinese character jia (家) meaning “home”. 

Their gable-like shape and open appearance speaks of the College as a sheltered yet freely accessible place where teachers and students can together live, learn and grow together. 

The convergence of these lines towards the centre subtly reflects the character‘ren (人) which means “people”, and can thus be seen as symbolic of cultural exchange among all peoples. 

The gradation in thickness of the lines suggests variety and progress. 

The blue of the ground represents globalization and a wide ranging spirit, while the gold of the lines, the Chinese characters and the English words stand for the College’s desire to achieve the highest possible goals.


The College Mace is used to represent authority and excellence. It would be carried during procession in inauguration, graduation and other important ceremonial events.


Bearing the College emblem motif, the College Flag is used to boost the morale of College members, showcase the College spirit and strengthen the sense of belonging among members.

College Flag
House Flag
College Pennant


The College gowns are for formal occasions such as Matriculation, High Table Dinner and other important ceremonial events. There are 7 styles of gowns, designed respectively for Chairman, Master, Honorary Fellows/Affiliated Fellows/Honorable Guests, members, students, staff and guests. 

Sculpture of HOME

The Sculpture of HOME created by the renowned sculptor Mr. Chu Tat Shing is an artistic representation of the Chinese character “home”, indicating S.H. Ho College is a big family of six hundred students. The sculpture is situated on the lawn outside the College’s hostels.