Prospective Students

Student Interest Clubs

We believe that college is an ideal place for students to cultivate their interests and show their talents. With the support of the college and student initiative fund, our students have formed a variety of different student interest clubs. They represent a platform for exchanging interests and enriching college life.


SHHO Ving Tsun Martial Arts Society

Above all, the aim of launching the course is to promote Chinese Martial Arts. Besides learning the methodology of Ving Tsun and its practical use, participants are able to equip themselves with an important life skill – self-defence. The course also acts as an opportunity for students to work out and thus enhance their physical condition.

WONG King Shou


Student Newsletter

The college newsletter began over the summer before the first year of the S.H. Ho College was to begin. Entering a new college, the opportunity to start my own student-run initiative presented itself, a rare opportunity that I had not been privileged with in the past. I decided to start right after my interview with the college, in hopes that the first issue could be released during the first week of school. Along with my Managing Editor, Krizto Chan, I began working on writing articles for the first issue of the newsletter. Thanks to collaboration with the excellent staff at our college, the first issue was successfully published in time for the beginning of school.

Initially, the newsletter began as just an outlet for my own interests in writing, but it has become a representative part of what our college stands for: independence and initiative. The contributions from students within our college in the second issue of the newsletter are representative of these qualities that are inherent to all students of S.H. Ho College. The newsletter will continue to grow and become an established part of our college lives, just as the college grows and becomes a more established part of CUHK through the joint efforts of the college staff and the students as a family.

Issue One     Issue Two

Lloyd Meng


SHHO Guqin Club

Gu Qin, which is regarded as a saintly instrument, reflects the interests and moral pursuits of traditional intellectuals. Its timbre can leave a deep impression on your mind and make people feel a sense of peace. Since the day it was created, it has been popular in China for more than 3000 years. The S. H. HO Gu Qin association aims to promote this precious cultural heritage, enable more students to learn this ancient art and provide a means for students to learn more about traditional Chinese culture.

LU Guoan


SHHO Tennis Class

The establishment of the SHHO tennis class aims to unite S. H. Ho College students who are interested in tennis, and provide them with opportunities for learning or practicing tennis skills or competing in tennis tournaments. The number of participants will be maintained at around 10 – 12 people, and participation does not involve testing and selection but is based on the first-come-first-served principle. This is to let every student have the opportunity to receive professional guidance and develop their interests and abilities.

The course aims to equip student with the ability or potential to attend the CUHK Tennis Open Competition next semester. The class not only offers opportunities for students to gain experience, but also gives them a chance to attend sporting events with other college students.  Our long-term goal is for the tennis class to create a College Team when the college achieves its full attendance level of 600 students.  The time is right to form the tennis class to enable a future college team to benefit from this opportunity and to enable it to represent our college in the  CUHK Sports Competition.

LEUNG Kwok Hang


SHHO English corner

Enables students to improve their oral English skills in a relaxing environment. At each event, students will hold a group discussion based on the theme of an essay which they will read in the first 10 minutes of the event. In this way, participants can acquire the skills required to express themselves while enhancing their language abilities. Professor Mcnaught will also be invited to join us and will lead us in a joint discussion of controversial questions. In addition, we plan to hold a variety of themed activities each semester, such as watching English movies, learning to make Western desserts and a New Year party.



SHHO Football Team

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Not only that, but football also helps people to maintain good health. Therefore, by combining the joy of playing football with maintaining good health, I came up with a new football team for the S. H. Ho College as I discovered lots of other students were interested in the sport. The team consists of 20 students in total including myself. We normally hold a regular practice session every Friday at noon. During practice, we stretch, carrying out some basic drills, and hold a match between ourselves or with others playing on the same field. However, our team still needs time to prepare for competitions, and during the first semester we have not yet had any official football matches. Nevertheless, in the second semester, we plan to pick the best eleven players plus a few substitutes so that we can potentially play a match against other colleges or departmental teams. Moreover, the team will have a proper coach to train us and build up our stamina and football skills in a more professional way. Finally, the goal of the S. H. Ho College Football Team is to train and build up many talented football players in order to participate in College Football Tournaments or other events in the future.

LEE Chang Yoon



A drummer met a guitarist – that’s how the band came about. We are just people who love music and love the sound of a band; plus we are hoping to inspire some passion for music in everyone attending the college. Our band members include vocalist Lillian Ting Huang, guitarists Jun Hee Lee and Eric Chung and drummer Chang Yoon Lee.

HUANG Lillian Ting