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Message from Wardens

Dr. Victor LAU Kwok-chi

Warden of Ho Tim Hall

Dr. Lawrence CHIU Chi-ming

Warden of Lee Quo Wei Hall

‘Living with and taking care of 300 energetic teens day and night is definitely a challenging duty, but being the warden of S. H. Ho College is even more challenging since hostel life is a major means to actualize one important mission of the College – “home”. To create a harmonious home for 300 young people coming from diverse backgrounds is hardly simple, which would need a lot of compromises, tolerance and, above all, trust. My over 20 years’ experiences as teacher, in both secondary and tertiary institutions, have given me faith in young people: they know, sooner or later, what is good or bad if we let them choose the way they live. I hope, as the warden of the hostel, I am not the one who keeps telling students what to do and what not to do, but someone whom students would say hello to in the morning, have a nice chat in the corridor, and get supports when in need. I am teaching science and biology education, particularly interested in science philosophy. Badminton, tennis and table tennis are my favorite sports, but Tai Chi and traditional Chinese Kung Fu are my true love.’

– Dr. Victor LAU Kwok-chi
Warden of Ho Tim Hall


‘I have always believed that college and hall life is one of the best parts of being a student in CUHK. Hall life adds a new dimension into your university experience and is a great complement to study. In a hall, you are constantly in touch with people around the same age with varying characters and aptitudes. You may choose your friends according to your taste and preference or make friends unexpectedly, and grow physically, mentally and emotionally with them in the following years. These friendships are not just for academic purpose, but may also help you deal with challenges in your life. Through organizing and participating in various activities in the hall, consociation, kindliness, and love are built between you and others. Therefore, hall life not only fills you with joy but also gives you lessons in your whole-person development so that when you leave the university, you are prepared to make the transition into another stage of your life. I sincerely hope that it will be a blessing to you for being a resident in the hall of S.H. Ho College.’

– Dr. Lawrence CHIU Chi-ming
Warden of Lee Quo Wei Hall

Resident Tutors 2020-21

Miss CHAN Hiu Kwan, Natalie


Academic background
English, Christian Studies and Religious Studies

Interests and hobbies

Watching theatre and opera, tennis, playing organ, art and crafts

Miss HUI On Yu, Connie


Academic background
Mathematics and Chemistry

Interests and hobbies

Badminton, Table Tennis and TV Dramas

Mr. LEUNG Ho Wai, Ian


Academic background
Architectural Studies

Interests and hobbies
Drums, Cajon, Photography, Hiking

Mr. CHOI Chun Yeung, Issac


Academic background
Marketing and Information Management

Interests and hobbies

Miss HUNG Sze Man, Angela


Academic background
Biology, Biochemistry

Interests and hobbies
Chinese music, movies, water sports

Miss FAN Kai Yi, Kerry


Academic background
Journalism and Communication

Interests and hobbies
Films, TV drama, K-pop dancing, cooking and photography

Mr. LAM Ho Wai, Samson


Academic background

Interests and hobbies
Working-out, Doing Yoga and Reading Comics

Mr. NG Tsin Hung, Leo


Academic background
Earth & Atmospheric Science

Interests and hobbies
Watching movie, Backpacking and Hiking

Miss WONG, Calian


Academic background
Psychology, German

Interests and hobbies
Learning languages (currently into Korean and Spanish), tennis, Thai boxing, traveling

Miss KWEK, Erika


Academic background
Food & Nutrition

Interests and hobbies
Taking life easy and all that stuff (a.k.a eating, singing off-key, memes & random jokes)


Mr. LUN Wing Yin, Stanley


Academic background
Social Science, Leisure and Tourism

Interests and hobbies
Cycling, Hiking and Chinese Handwriting