Home away from Home
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College General Education Committee


Dr. CHIU Chi-ming Lawrence



1.    Prof. WONG Kam-bo
2.    Dr. LAU Kwok-chi Victor
3.    Dr. LI Ming Kenneth
4.    Dr. YUEN Chi-lok Andrew
5.    Prof. TSANG King-fung Dicky
6.    Dr. CHEUNG Sin-ting Juanita
7.    Mr. LAU Yee-ki Andrew
8.    Dr. NG Pun-hon
9.    Prof. LAU Kit-ling Dinky
10.  Prof. LUI Chi-shing John



Ms. WONG Nga Kwan Phoebe


Terms of Reference

a) To coordinate, evaluate and monitor College General Education programmes

b) To plan, evaluate and monitor The Oasis